Our purpose is to enable our clients to define and attain their financial goals, by utilising the latest information, techniques and resourcing available. By creating dedicated teams to manage our various areas of expertise our practice will continue to strive to provide clients with strategic ideas to manage and improve their business processes.

By continually educating ourselves and our staff to improve our technical and financial expertise we will be able to better advise our clients so that they too can "prosper through knowledge".

TWB Chartered Accountants was founded in 1968 and has traded continuously in the Chadstone area of Melbourne.

Since inception our goal has been to provide the highest quality of Professional service possible to our clients with our dedication to knowledge and training being the most integral part of our success.

With our extensive experience, our Professional staff will provide our valued clients with technical and practical planning support to enable them to "prosper through knowledge".

As a full Tax and Accounting Practice, we offer traditional accounting, business and audit services to small and medium businesses, small listed companies, overseas owned subsidiaries and high net worth individuals.

We pride ourselves on being dedicated to our clients needs and businesses.